Energy Measures

The sustainable energy measures are actions to improve the building's energy performance.
Each energy measure integrates the AI-assistant, which enables fast and accurate building energy simulations.
The AI-assistant simulates the building energy measures based on hourly load profiles and recommends investment decisions using the return on investment (ROI).

Two energy measures are currently accessible "Photovoltaic" and "Photovoltaic Battery Storage".
For both energy measures, the AI-assistant integrates the load profile of residential buildings according to DIN EN 16798.


I'm passionate about sustainability and artificial intelligence, which I believe will help us on the path to net zero carbon. As buildings contribute significantly to our carbon emissions, we need to accelerate sustainable design, renewable integration and energy efficiency, which can be achieved through sustainable energy measures and artificial intelligence. AINA Systems creates an AI-based methodology to facilitate investment decisions on sustainable energy measures.

Christian Finck | PhD

Founder | Christian Finck | PhD


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We customize your building energy measures, integrate your hourly load profiles and optimize your energy infrastructure including energy management.

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